7 Things You’re Doing (Unknowingly) To Harm Your Credit Score

Consumer credit scores play an important part in our financial lives and its necessary that we take steps to do the right things to improve our credit scores and maintain a high score as well. It’s also important that we understand what actions or inactions will harm our credit score. Some consumers make mistakes (willingly [...]

A Perfect Credit Score Brings Nothing But Bragging Rights

There’s no argument that getting a FICO credit score of 850 is a personal finance milestone and increases demand for credit score monitoring services and credit score estimators. But the fact it, other than bragging rights, this perfect credit score is unnecessary for your daily finances and scoring it almost impossible. Creditors hardly distinguish between rzhev shadrinsk kovrov kamyshin cheboksary apatity kurilsk yuzhno-kurilsk krymsk dimitrovgrad kamyshin voronezh dzerzhinsk saransk hanty-mansijsk krasnoturinsk obninsk asha iskitim almetevsk novoaltajsk obninsk kazan murmansk gelendzhik severouralsk petrozavodsk uryupinsk penza severodvinsk chebarkul tobolsk syktyvkar beloreck samara usinsk kiselevsk chita lipeck novorossijsk tihoreck belgorod severobajkalsk kirov dalnegorsk smolensk salavat salekhard oha kirov rezh pskov dzerzhinsk novouralsk barabinsk novoaltajsk ozarsk zheleznogorsk abakan [...]

Why Is The Interest Rate On My Credit Card So High?

If you suppose to have a higher interest rate on your credit card than most people, it’s very much likely that your credit score is poor. Low credit scores often result in higher interest rates on credit cards, mortgages or other types of loans. There is an increased risk to the credit card company in [...]

Filing For Bankruptcy May Improve Your Credit Score

Most people who are overburdened with debt are scared to taking actions to change their situations, like filing for bankruptcy, because they believe that if they do it, then their credit scores will suffer irreparable damage. xn----8sbsnkbhebctyeu.xn--p1ai However, what many people don’t understand, is filing bankruptcy may actually boost the credit scores of most who do [...]

Could You Lose Your Job Because Of Bad Credit?

So, you nailed that job interview. But did you pass the credit check? Yes, you heard that right. Today, more employers are looking into job applicants’ credit reports, even if the job position doesn’t have anything to do with financial management and responsibilities. xn--d1abkn1ab.xn--p1ai About 6 out of 10 employers perform credit checks on at least [...]