9 Easy Tips For Smart Use Of Your Credit Cards

We are quite a nonchalant society when it comes to credit cards. They’ve become so rampant, which pretty much explains why we have become so loose in spending than we should. xn--d1abkn1ab.xn--p1ai xn----8sbsnkbhebctyeu.xn--p1ai The situation today is so bad than earlier times that credit card debt in on the rise. To protect ourselves from overspending, we have [...]

Unpaid Parking Tickets Can Lower Your Credit Score

Most of us think that things that can hurt our credit score are huge credit card balances, missed or delayed credit card payments and missed loan payments. xn----7sbahclcdbybcez1bbdpkwgim2b4a.xn--p1acf It may be surprising for most consumers that parking tickets, speeding tickets, and even overdue library books are also treated as debts, and if they aren’t paid, then [...]

7 Things You’re Doing (Unknowingly) To Harm Your Credit Score

Consumer credit scores play an important part in our financial lives and its necessary that we take steps to do the right things to improve our credit scores and maintain a high score as well. xn----7sbhhcclhcdof9cqbbgitclic0f2l.xn--p1acf It’s also important that we understand what actions or inactions will harm our credit score. Some consumers make mistakes (willingly [...]

Five Reasons Mortgage Applications Gets Rejected

Applying for a mortgage can be a daunting experience for first time homebuyers. The worst part is the recurrent feeling you get while you’re waiting to learn whether you’ve been approved or rejected for the mortgage. 7minutediet.com Even after, you’ve selected a good lender and provided all the relevant and important documents, there’s still a possibility [...]

Should You Cancel A Credit Card That’s Been Paid Off?

If you are one of those people who have been working hard for months or even years, to pay off your credit card debt, and the moment you make the final payment, it feels like a truly awesome victory. xn-----7kcodbeuflg7a8aiyj7m.xn--p1acf All of your hard work has been paid off, and a serious burden has been lifted [...]